A review on the blog


Blogs has become one of the most used platform in expressing one’s though nowadays. The Internet offers not only one or two blog sites to sign up from but hundreds or maybe, even thousands to choose from.

The Get Real Philippines blog talks about the “demagoguery” of the “Yellowtards”. The blog is entitled “How to become a Yellowtard.” (How to become a Yellowtard)


The use of proper English in this blog is well observed. The blogger does not use pure common English words but also uses terms that are somewhat more euphemistic than common words. The blogger also used some Filipino words which he thinks is more appropriate to use than any other English word.

Name-calling is present in this blog- yellowtards. This term is common to people especially the Filipinos because it is most people’s name for the “Yellow Party.”

The blog does not merely rely or depend on unreliable sources, unscientific surveys and tests. The blog is more like an observation of the blogger.

Lastly, the blog successfully adhered to the three ethical commands especially the command to minimize harm. He used words that best avoids people getting butt hurt after reading the blog.



Agcaoili lectures about the Ilokano Nation

BATAC- The College of Arts and Sciences recently conducted an Iluko Lecture-Forum last Friday, March 3 at the University Function Hall, with the theme “The Ilokano Nation in the Community of Nations.”

Students under Humanities and Literature students attended the one day forum.

The forum is all about Ilokano language, the existence of an Ilokano Nation and its sustainability. Dr. Aurelio Solver Agcaoili happily graced the invitation to deliver the lecture.

The lecturer pointed out 3 problems – questions of public policy, what public policy should be and the ethics of public policy. He then concluded the lecture with a conclusion saying, “There is no way to go but pursue this Ilokano Nation.”

There was an open forum after the lecture and after which, Agcaoili signed the books of students who brought his book.

Agcaoili is a coordinator of the Ilokano Language and Literature Program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He has written books like Rekuerdo/Memento: Estrangement and Homing in Ilokano Poetics, an English-Ilokano dictionary and has recently launched his new book Signus/Sign last March 5.

Photo credits: Janna Mae Bumanglag

Lakbay2Love Reaches Ilocos

BATAC CITY- Lakbay2Love conducted its first screening in Ilocos, exclusively at the Teatro Ilocandia last March 2 as an ender of the 3rd Young Communicative Human Development Congress of the Young Communicators’ Circle.

More than a thousand of students from Mariano Marcos under Humanities and Literature subjects and Communication students from Northwestern University and Holy Spirit Academy of Laoag were given the chance to attend the first ever exclusive screening of Lakbay2Love in Ilocos.


Photo credit: PelikuLove FB Page

Lakbay2Love is a story of two bikers who travel around Mt. Manat, La Mesa Dam, Benguet and Timberland. Jay-R the forester (Dennis Trillo) is looking for someone who can document his project involving Mother Nature which he finds in the person of Lianne (Solenn Heusaff), a videographer whose bills make her more than willing to take the project even though she is heartbroken.


Photo credit: Solenn Heusaff’s Instagram (solennheusaff)

 They put their best as they can, grab mountain bikes and sees and surveys what’s left of Mother Nature. Little did Lianne know that through biking, she will find the healing to her wounded heart.

The film is directed by Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil. “If you want to change anything, you have to fall in love.. Art is a way of healing. Learn. Love. Live Life.” she said in her speech.

Ongkeko has already produced and directed a lot of indie films such as Boses (2008), Stray Cats (2005) and was also an assistang to the producer of Himala (1982).

YouComManD Congress 2017

The Young Communicators’ Circle (Y2C) conducts first day of the Young Communicative Human in Development (YouComManD) Congress, March 1, at the Teatro Ilocandia.

The Y2C organization has conducted the first day of their YouComManD Congress at the Teatro Ilocandia with the theme “I Share, I Connect, We Improve: Strengthening Connections”


The program started at around 9 in the morning with the first speaker, Mr. Nestor Corrales of He talked about the fundamentals of becoming a relevant and effective journalist. There was a question and answer portion between Corrales and the BA-Communication students after his lecture. Corrales also shared his experiences and struggles in the industry that he is in now.


The second speaker was Mr. Jeff Bumanglag of Lucas Films Philippines. Bumanglag talked about film making and the ways and strategies of improving a film.


The first day of the congress ended with a 1-minute film making activity assigned by Bumanglag to the participants of the congress.

The Young Communicators’ Circle is under the advisory of Ms. Irene Abigail Guerrero with Legaspi dela Cruz as President.

Photo credits: Janna Mae Bumanglag

CAS Awads 2017

BATAC CITY- The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) conducts CAS Awards 2017 last February 27 at the Teatro Ilocondia.

Last February 27 was a night to remember for most students of CAS as they dress for the CAS Awards 2017. The awards night of CAS was not like the past awards night of the college. There were lots of surprise happenings during the program.

One of the highlights of the event was the recognition of CAS academic scholars which was a first in the college. 24 university scholars and 64 college scholars were recognized and given a medal and certificate during the program. Most outstanding students from each of the six degree programs of the college were also awarded.

Awarding of academic achievers for the first semester AY 2016-2017

Photo credits: Janna Mae Bumanglag

            The main highlight of the event was the launching of the first ever C4CC (CAS for the Community Cause) wherein the six organizations from CAS presented proposals in developing communities in connection with different societal issues last February 24. The Biological Circle and the Philippine League of Sociology Students (PLSS) were the two remaining organizations who were qualified for the finals. Before the end of the program, PLSS were awarded as the first ever winners of the C4CC.


PLSS for the C4CC Finals

Photo credits: Mr. Mark Lawrence Fernandez

            The whole event was initiated and prepared by the CAS Student Council led by Ryan Roi Domingo under the advisory of Mr. Mark Lawrence Fernandez.

Friends Indeed Sponsors Medical Mission 2017

SAN NICOLAS- The Friends Indeed USA sponsors a Medical Mission last February 18 at the F.E Marcos Mini Cultural Center.

The Friends Indeed USA together with San Nicolenos of Hawaii USA, Serve Care Missioners Group and Breast Care Imperative sponsors this year’s Medical Mission in San Nicolas F.E Marcos Mini Cultural Center last February 18.

The Medical Mission is an annual activity conducted by the Ilocos Norte Medical Society and Ilocos Norte Dental Association in cooperation with the Local Government Unit of San Nicolas. This kind of activity is not only conducted in San Nicolas but also in other parts of Ilocos Norte.


More than a thousand of indigent families were given the chance to receive free medical and dental help from some doctors of Ilocos Norte. There were also goods that were distributed in the said activity.

The mayor of San Nicolas is very grateful and happy of the love and care from the sponsors. “Being the mayor of this town, we thank the group who came all the way from the United States to serve our people”, he said.



Celebrate Christmas Season in Milan

Christmas in Milan isn’t just beautiful—it’s the perfect place and season to get some shopping done! Being one of the world’s most renowned shopping destinations, Milan lights up during the holidays with miles of designer stores, unique boutiques and outdoor markets, making it the perfect destination for getting through your Christmas list. But even if you’re not the biggest shopping fan, there’s plenty to do and see, from midnight Mass at the Duomo to ringing in the New Year like a true Milanese.

Christmas in Milan is like any other Christmas in other places or country. But there’s some things that makes it extraordinary from others.

One is that, shopping in Milan during Christmas is truly #shoppinggoals because there are many designer stores along Via Monte Napoleone or Corso Buenos Aires, to admire the decked-out windows and browse the latest fashions. It’s a must have to go to the city because prices on clothes are from 15-75% discount as a way of saying Merry Christmas to shoppers.

But if you would like to see the beautiful view of the Duomo Cathedral in Piazza del Duomo, there’s a trail of Christmas to find great deals of items which are perfect for gifts or you can also buy one or two for yourself. Get lost in the thousands of stands at the Artigiano in Fiera, which takes place at the Rho Fiera Exhibition Center during the first 10 days of December

If you’re more into eating and not into shopping, no worries because the place has a lot to offer. There are many stalls where you can buy crepes, ice cream –or gelato as they call it there, and many more kinds of delicious street foods.

Christmas officially kicks off on December 7, better known as the local holiday that celebrates St. Ambrogio, Milan’s patron saint. The season always opens with the “O Bej, O Bej” Christmas market (which means “oh how nice!”). Every year, as they have for centuries, hundreds of stands set up in front of Castello Sforzesco, selling everything from local delicacies like panettone -a sweet Christmas bread, to handmade goods.

The elegant northern city is the best place to experience one of your most memorable Christmas. There are so many amazing events happening in Milan in December. Here are some!

La Scala


La Scala is an opera house in Milan, Italy. The theater was inaugurated on 3 August 1778 and was originally known as the Nuovo Regio Ducale Teatro alla Scala (New Royal-Ducal Theatre alla Scala). The premiere performance was Antonio Salieri’s Europo riconosciuta. La scala’s season traditionally opens on 7th of December, Saint Ambrose’s Day, the feast day of Milan’s patron saint. All performances must end before midnight, and long operas start earlier in the evening when necessary. (

Festa degli Artigiani

It is the largest international fair dedicated to craft and art, the indoor. It fills the pavilions at the Rho fair grounds with stands, companies and artisans from the entire world. The fair is divided into continents and then further divided by countries, displaying and promoting the creativity, art and culture of the individual nations through its products and food. It is free to attend so why not go and be amazed!


There are a lot more events to attend to during Christmas but these are only a few of them. Be aware of surprise concerts from local and international artists in the Piazza del Duomo, too!

Duomo Christmas Tree and Galleria Lights


Any visit to Milan requires a stop at the very impressive Duomo cathedral in Piazza del Duomo. After going or attending the events during Christmas season, make your way to the city’s numero uno cathedral to see it all dressed up for Christmas, with its annual Christmas tree decorating the piazza.Then go to Milan’s oldest shopping mall, Galleria, which is a neighbor to the Duomo cathedral, to see it in lights. Christmas lights and storefront decorations give the historic building a festive atmosphere and an even more beautiful glow! 


Last year’s Christmas tree in front of the cathedral was sponsored by Pandora in the Galleria is sponsored by Swarovski.

As the sun goes down, the lights goes up. During Christmas season, people love to roam around Milan to see the colorful lights decorated in big or small churches, piazzas and even trams. Not only in the urban area that you can see or witness beautiful and grand decorations. Even in the rural areas make time to decorate storefronts and piazzas. It is even better to walk than to ride an autobus or your car so that you can appreciate the festive decorations around the place.

New Year in Milan

New year in Milan is the same as other place’s celebration. But if you want to celebrate it like a Milanese, just like during Christmas, Italians usually enjoy a multiple-course fish dinner with families and friends, followed by midnight mass. After which, you can go bar hopping around the city with your friends and probably, meet and befriend an Italian friend, or two!

There are a lot of bars in the city that offers packages that includes aperitivo, singing and dancing. Some of the most popular locales are Byblos, Gattopardo, and Milan’s designer-owned clubs, like Armani Privé and Just Cavalli.

The city also offers more budget-friendly celebrations like fireworks at Castello Sforzesco, parties outside at Piazza Duomo, and bars on the Navigli canals and around the nearby Colonne di San Lorenzo piazza.

Book your next December vacation in Milan and see and experience one the best Christmas in your life!

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